Asian Traditions

Asian wedding ceremonies differ from Western wedding ceremonies in that they incorporate traditional and formal rituals into the ceremony.

On the day of the wedding, the Groom and his attendants and family will head to the Bride’s home bearing gifts – ranging from fruits to a whole roast pig, symbolising the beginning and the end that is the union between two people. Before he is allowed into the house, the Groom must first make an offering to the Bride’s family and friends. This may be monetary in nature, or it could be performed light-heartedly in the form of tasks such as fifty push ups!

The traditional Tea Ceremony is performed by the Bride and Groom and involves the couple offering cups of tea to their respective family members. Family members drink the tea and a lucky red packet (symbolising good fortune and happiness) is given to the couple to congratulate the Bride and Groom on their marriage.

After the ceremony, family members and the Bridal Party will head out for professional photos taken at various locations before heading to the reception centre for a spectacular banquet. The meal traditionally comprises of fish (symbolising abundance), sweet lotus desserts (symbolising many children) and delicacies such as shark fin soup. Before being seated at the reception, it is customary for guests to sign a red cloth, which is given to the Bride and Groom after the wedding as a keepsake.

You can decide to have a traditional Asian wedding ceremony or you can combine certain aspects, such as the Tea Ceremony, with more Western aspects such as music. Whatever you wish to decide, keep in mind that some of these ancient Asian wedding traditions are a beautifully symbolic way of starting your new life together.