Boutique Events

Catering for Boutique events

After a more casual event? Our cocktail and finger food events are just as exquisite. With our roaming staff, your guests will be served where they are. From Lobster Salad, to our awesome Garlic Scallop Delights.

At Crystal Palace Catering, we pride ourselves on our reputation for superb banquets


Each course is closely inspected to ensure unmatchable quality, flavour and presentation. Food is prepared and cooked at the reception centre right throughout the evening.


The freshness of raw inputs play a fundamental role in the preparation of the meals. The majority of ingredients are purchased at market on the day with live seafood being delivered to the premises.


Recipes and methods of cooking are constantly refined to ensure that we produce the most flavoursome results and maintain our superb quality.


You can be guaranteed that our staff is committed to making the evening magical, filled with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Speak to us about creating your next memorable event